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About Us
UNICRON was the trademarks@BERRY PACKS CO.,LTD for all the board game accessories supplies.

BERRY PACKS makes all types of accessories for collectible card games. whether you need high-quality card sleeves,deck boxes or even    
playmats,trade binders,dice bags,Unicorn is the place to get'em!
Our company was established in 2010 ,20 minutes away from Dongguan Station. We have imported 2 new sets of card sleeves processing equipment to cater for our boomed market requirement in 2016.
Since we are a true manufacturer, we offer our customer competitive pricing. We have been running 24 hours a day 7days a week producing 15millions card sleeves a month at this stage.
We never carelessly treat any customer, we do a good job of service and quality products . Our goal is: to become the No.1 card sleeves manufacturer in China,we believe that with your support we will be there for sure.


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